The Newer Breuer on Gallows is good art

To clarify, BOTH Breuer's on Gallows are good art, but some friends at Twenty2 Wallpaper Studio just bought this house!  If you don't know about the Bauhaus movement, here's some Bauhaus youtube content to educate yourself.

These buildings were built to ergonomically fit to the way humans live in society.  Built for a 4-person family, this house intuitively leads a walker subconsciously around to critical components of the home, practically initiating life.  Finding yourself in the bedroom from the hall, or the pantry from the kitchen is no work at all.  Thought processes is eliminated so we can simply live.

This house isn't like a vertical center hall colonial, but spans horizontally, almost enticing you through.  If you ever get a chance to walk about something from the Bauhaus, you'll feel it's push and pull to influence you around the space.  It's livable art.

Twenty2 works with Pratt to critique and print their 3D wallpapers, which you can read about here and buy here.  I decided to create anaglyphs out of the photographs so you can see into the space.

A 2D plane is undesirable for life with no ability for metabolism or growth.  The black and whites are a 2D reality; the anaglyph makes them '3D' livable.

Maggie Lee is good art

Is Maggie Lee a person or a video?

I've been following Maggie Lee since she was shooting the covers for VICE.  If you haven't seen, check it out.  I chose this vid --- First, because it's one of her older ones.  It's always cool to look back at the start of a career.  Second, it's incredibly reminiscent for ANY college student.  It's silly and everyone can become Maggie when  you watch it.

Gigi's Underground, Maggie's recent install, is a space at 365 Mission in LA.  In this interview below, she explains how and why she makes people feel the way she does.  Check out the install views as well... it's good.

Maggie Lee's Gigi's Underground interview is HERE.